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The first night we met, I was automatically comfortable around you. It was like I had known you for a long time (yes we went in the same school, but we never talked like that so that does not count!). It wasn’t awkward, and whenever we had both stopped talking, we didn’t feel the need to fill the silences with stupid small talk. The first time we kissed was like one of those cheesy romantic kisses in chick flicks. I want to puke rainbows as I close my eyes and reminisce, but here we go:
We were lying on my bed, watching tv, when I felt your fingers run up and down my arm and hand. You pulled me close, causing my hair to fall in front of my face. I smiled at you, and as you smiled back, you brushed my hair to the side and tucked it behind my ear. You put your hand behind the back of my head and pulled me even closer to kiss me. Was it cheesy and cliché ? Absolutely. Was it perfect? Absolutely.
I really liked you, but I can’t help but remember that time you disappeared and left for spain. You didnt even say goodbye, you left me heart broken with a msg on my phone that said '' I want to concentrate more on my future, my life is about football. ''. We just had started hanging out a lot, and then nothing. I was hurt and embarrassed, because I couldn’t figure out why and how it ended. I felt so stupid for letting my guard down around you. For those 6 months of having you in my life to not having you at all. My heart dropped into my stomach whenever I’d pass by a boy that looked just like you. I felt pathetic and sickened that I still missed you. I missed the smell of you, the way you would pull me close just to look at me, how you would run your fingers up and down my back as I would fall asleep in your arms, how your beautiful hazel eyes would crinkle and light up whenever you smiled, seeing a text from you during the day just to see how my day was going. I missed all of that, and so much more during that time. Eventually I thought of you less as time went on, and I accepted the fact that you were pretty much just another guy passing through in my life. I deleted every trace of you from my life, and moved on. Even though I still thought of you at times, I was honestly ok with it.

malin säger:

sv: super kul att du är med i dagens blogg :) meddelar när vinnaren är uppe, lycka till! :) Allt bra?


För större chans att vinna kan man länka min blogg, fråga en fråga i bloggsvar eller lägga till mig på bloglovin :) det är absolut inget måste men meddela mig om du gör nåt av dessa! :)

2011-08-15 | 13:30:11
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Amii säger:

Svar : Jag har en bild på mig på profilen :D

Njaa... jag brukar inte lägga upp bilder på mig XD

2011-08-15 | 16:46:58
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malin säger:

sv: okej :) tack

2011-08-15 | 17:29:45
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eroooticaaa säger:


om det är första gången är glidmedel viktigt eftersom man normalt inte kan bli fuktig där. Man bör även vara försiktig så att det inte gör ont eller blir obehagligt:)

2011-08-15 | 18:17:07
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M E L I S S A S säger:

haha, ohja. du har kanske en chans på han där ;)

jadå, mycket fint. jag ska visa i ett inlägg imorgon :D

kram sötnos

2011-08-15 | 20:48:34
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Anonym säger:

- haha det får vi se! puss på dig snygging!

2011-08-15 | 23:05:39
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Anonym säger:

vad sööt du e!½

2011-08-21 | 22:31:28
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