- why?

Spent a good fifteen minutes just staring at the blank white page. Didnt know how 2 start.. Awaiting my love story. Or not so love story. I wish I knew what i wanted to say, and it's not even that I have nothing to say, it's just my head is currently such a busy, crowded street with feelings and emotions bouncing off each other.
I don't know what happened (?) to us. It's like being in a car, driving down hill, and having the breaks go out. You just want it to stop, you want everything to be okay, you want to make it out alive but with the way things are going, it just doesn't seem like such a hopeful situation. But at this point it doesn't even matter because truthfully, I already feel dead. If my heart is still beating, i can't feel it anymore.

lona säger:

sv: jag ska såva nu och vill du vara med på dagens blogg här

2011-08-30 | 03:36:28
Bloggadress: http://lonas.blogg.se/
lona säger:

sv: jag ska såva nu och vill du vara med på dagens blogg här


2011-08-30 | 03:37:05
Bloggadress: http://lonas.blogg.se/
Miss Sunshine säger:

Sv: Tack! Allt bra! Själv då?=)

2011-08-30 | 07:12:53
Bloggadress: http://xmisssunshine.blogg.se/
Anonym säger:

sv: haha nej eller hur:D

2011-08-30 | 08:30:46
Bloggadress: http://lavitadilovisa.blogg.se/
joanna- att leva med Aspergers syndrom! säger:

svar: jo tack sj?

2011-08-30 | 09:34:10
Bloggadress: http://domkallarmighannes.com
Linda säger:

sv: allt e sådär själv då:D?:D

2011-08-30 | 11:54:50
Bloggadress: http://www.nattstad.se/LindaLinnros

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