todays thoughts.

Todays thoughts were '' Hope, Love, Unanswered love and about NOT giving up ''. Even when life give's you every reason to give up, remind yourself of the reasons you're still standing. Yes, sometimes it's hard to stand up for someone who doesn't love you back. But love is blind. Love is unconditional.. Actually, what is love? It's not something we feel in our heart or something we contemplate or try to understand in our brains. It's the energy between two people. That's love. Love is food, love is family and love is friendship. And that's what we need to stand up for. We sit and complain about how life isn't fair and how we might never find love. But we forget the most important thing: Everything turns out okay in the end! If it's not okay, it's not the end. So what if the love of your life won't talk to you? So what? You can cry and you can worry but that won't make him see you for YOU. You are your best when you are HAPPY. Forget about them/him/her. Forget and live to the fullest. Find something you LOVE. And when they realize what they've lost, they'll come back. DON'T play "hard to get" unless you know deep down you really don't want them anymore. If they come back, accept them, or forever regret what could have been..

I held on. I never let go and I never gave up on him. But I didn't let that keep me from living my life. There were days when I felt like I couldn't get through, but I picked myself up and I smiled. And I got the love in the end (as u all know Ive now got the MOST Incredible Boyfriend).

My last note ; If you are afraid of showing someone how you feel, don't be! Honestly, what's the worst that could happen? We are still at the beginning of our lives, there is so much more for us to live for! Life goes on.. Don't let fear hold you back and keep HOPING. Hope got me through the roughest times of my life. And it will get me through all the others that are bound to come my way. Don't be a coward, either.. Fear is merely a feeling, cowardice is a choice of action. Be the best you can be, and don't do things you might be ashamed of to live life with no regrets.

with love,
a simple girl.

sanna säger:

svar jotack bara bra med mig faktiskt ^^


P.s - Var gärna med i min tävling som jag anordnar tillsammans med & apoteket just nu! Vinn solskyddskit, reglerna är enkla!

2011-05-30 | 22:12:01
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Svar: Nu har jag varit borta ett tag, så har inte haft tid riktigt att svara på kommentarer, men nu har jag :) Ska du göra något roligt i veckan? :) Kramar

2011-05-31 | 01:14:03
Anonym säger:

Härliga bilder! vad har du för kamera? :)

2011-05-31 | 12:19:10
Borderline & Jag säger:

Idag gunmman är du länkad på min blogg <3

2011-05-31 | 12:44:27
M E R E I säger:

- <3

2011-06-01 | 17:03:58
FowZie - pojkfixerad Eskilstunabo säger:

sv; hejsan! jag har vart borta allt för länge.. och har allt för många kommentarer att svara på! :D men jo allt är bra med mig , hoppas du lever än! :)

2011-06-01 | 17:12:25
♫♪ Sandra T säger:

fin bild!

2011-06-01 | 18:35:47

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