free at last ? not.

Everyone has one- that one guy you just cannot seem to erase no matter how hard you try. He is the one who inconveniently pops into your mind just moments before you fall asleep, the name you hope to see appear on your phone, the guy who took an irretrievable piece of you at a time during your past. He may have been the one who hurt you or maybe you were the one who hurt him. Regardless of how it worked out, he is the guy you will never forget and the one you are thinking about while reading this. Yep... everyone has one.
This is to the guy that I cannot seem to erase - I'm starting to think you were solely put in my life to cause me heartache. Every time I think I have finally forgotten you, there you are right back in my life to remind me. Yet still, there are times when I wish you had picked me. You had the simple choice all to yourself - me or her. The ball was completely in your court. We were both recently out of relationships, which made everything fresh and exciting, but when she wanted you back you didn't just go running back, you sprinted. It all happened so fast you left me no time to react. I think you did it out of impulse because I know you regret it from time to time. But there it was, despite our undeniable connection, you picked her. You couldn't admit to yourself that you had fallen for me and I was so unexpectedly heartbroken I couldn't even fight back. That was it. you picked her and left me in a million little lonely pieces.
For months thoughts were constantly bouncing around in my mind about what I could have done or said to have changed your mind. Should I have told you that I loved you earlier? Should I have put my broken heart aside and fought for you? Or maybe it was just a lost cause from the start. Regardless, I hope you know that I would have been there for you whenever needed.
know you will always be that one guy to me. The one I fell head over heels for, the one that I will always question how it would be now , had it worked out differently, and the one that I will always save a little piece of my heart for. But for now, I have glued myself back together and I am trying to start over new.

Anonym säger:

sv: vsg!:) ja jag älskar den:)

2011-09-16 | 15:39:16
amanda säger:

Jo det är bara bra :)sjdå? :)

2011-09-16 | 17:21:50
J U L I E T T E säger:

svar: tack! KRAM

2011-09-16 | 17:49:56
mikaela säger:

det e ju 2 säsonger ute på pll:) det känns bra, kändes konstigt i början men nu ganska skönt.. man slipper frestas av affärer:P haha mindre shopping:P Båstad där jag bor e det svindyrt att shoppa.. förutom en affär..:P Har 2-3 mil till närmaste storstad:P motorväg :) går fort ändå:P Har ju Helsingborg, Ängelholm Halmstad..

2011-09-16 | 17:53:45
Linda säger:

Sv: Ja! Vi får hoppas på att hon inte kommer då tillbaka heller! Så onödigt att sitta och kommentera massa skit! Tror nog att hon har bättre grejer att göra också :)

Tyvärr vet jag ingen som gör bra blogdesigner :/

Händer det något kul i helgen? =)


2011-09-16 | 19:26:10
Sophie "autophoto" säger:

usch då :/

ja ska bara mysa :)

2011-09-16 | 19:38:42

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