12-03-12 03.39

I never thought I would be one of those girls that lay awake at night thinking about a boy. All these questions and I only have my friends theories as an answer. They keep telling me that I should move on. What they can't c is that I'm in pieces. People always tell me that I should open up, but I can't. Thats why Im sitting here pouring my heart out. I express myself better with text. I didn't want to give up on you. I had to ! You couldn't c what u had and you where killing me slowly without even knowing it. And it wasn't my intention to fall. It happened completely unexpected. I wasn't looking for anything. You sweet-talked me into this. I put myself out there for u time and time again. And what did you do ? You repeatedly left me hanging. Giving me lame excuses about how busy u are. It's not hard to send a textmsg u kno. You filled me up with promises and then let me down pretty hard. Every time. I can't even remember the last time I was this hurt by anyone and I think that my heart is broken. I've never been heartbroken before. How do I know that I am then ? A broken heart is when you know you've been hurt but have no idea how to fix it. Well, then Im heartbroken. Its been a week since I deleted your phone number. Thought it would be easier to not c your name in my phone. Didn't help cus I still feel like sh*t. I can't deny that I miss you. I miss you so much so that I get a cryingplump in my throat whenever I think of u. You show up in my mind now and then. I go deaf whenever I hear the word Gothenburg and when my msgtone rings I throw myself over the phone deep down (somewhere) inside hoping it's u. I'll try to not take u back this time when you come around no matter how hard it will be. You don't deserve me and I've got to realise that. And no I never fooled you. I was real.

Jojjjjohs.se - Något för nästan alla säger:

Hehe ja :) Tack, men hon har inte fått den än ^^ kram

2012-03-12 | 13:58:37
Bloggadress: http://jojjjjohs.se
MyzaaN säger:

förstår dig :D håller inte med henne i hennes åsikter men hon gör verkligen programet roligt ;D haha kram

2012-03-12 | 14:38:44
Bloggadress: http://myzaan.devote.se
Linda säger:

ja verkligen han var söt :D!

varför gjorde du det?:(

2012-03-12 | 15:16:10
Bloggadress: http://www.nattstad.se/LindaLinnros
Maliin^^, säger:

sv;hihi^^ nja, känner mig typ sjukt..:( Ska du göra i veckan då?

2012-03-12 | 16:34:59
Bloggadress: http://maliinmattsson.blogg.se/
Emma Mattsson - t e c k n a b l o g g säger:

Hejhej! allt bra?

följ mig gärna via bloglovin så följer jag dig med!


2012-03-12 | 16:40:02
Bloggadress: http://emmamattssontecknar.blogg.se/
Linda säger:

Oj :o

2012-03-12 | 17:43:48
Bloggadress: http://thepainoflove.devote.se
Melissa - Livet i ett Fängelse! säger:

Tassar in lite och lämnar avtryck, jag vet ju själv hur nyfiken man blir på vem som gömmer sig bakom statistiken :)

Hoppas du överlevde helgen och haft en bra måndag? (trots att de är just måndag)

2012-03-12 | 18:14:54
Bloggadress: http://lavali.blogg.se/
Carro - http://four.blogg.se/ säger:

sv: okej

Önskar dig en fortsatt bra dag! :D

2012-03-12 | 20:26:57
Bloggadress: http://four.blogg.se/
Angelica, mitt liv i New York säger:

Ja det var en perfekt söndag =)

ja hoppas verkligen det går bra för henne i eurovision! =)

2012-03-13 | 05:30:38
Bloggadress: http://stylings.blogg.se/

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