07-05-13 03.22

Kom hem för 4 timmar sen och jag tar buss till jobb om 3 timmar igen. Kan tiden sluta gå snabbt? Kom och tänka på en sak för ett tag sen och jag var tvungen att kolla upp det. Vad är en tvillingsjäl eller en själsfrände för något? Definitionen alltså. Fick fram det här för en stund sen och en massa annat. Någon påstod att det är en människa som man träffat i ett tidigare liv. Men jag tror inte på det där. Nej, nu ska jag sova. Behöver vila i någon timma så att jag orkar. Får sova under dagen.
''Soul mate means that you feel you are connected so deeply inside that you wouldn't be able to ever part ways with this person, because you wouldn't be complete without him or her. A soulmate is some one you have a very deep connection with. It's not always easy explained. It is a meeting of mind, heart, body and soul on the highest of levels. Communication is at its easiest, as they understand you perfectly, and accept you completely with no judgments. It means that you both know without a doubt that you would be there for each other, through anything. This doesn't mean that you both won't make mistakes, because it's enevitable, you will make them separately as well as together. But when those mistakes are made, you love them no less for it. This person will complete you, and would never want to intentionally bring you pain, in fact they would ALWAYS want you to be happy, even if your happiness wasn't with them. See, there are so many selfish people in this world that only care about someone when there's something in it for them. But your soulmate will care about you for who you are. Look at the people who surround you. Is there anyone who really challenges you and makes you grow as a person?  Selfless, that is what a soulmate is. - Life ''


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