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There is so much to tell. I can not get it all down here when it can not even be told with words. I'm happy but very scared .. I stood there waitin for him and there he came walking towards me. Im the girl who doesnt show emotions, but at that moment I had a very weird feeling in my stomach. The guy id been talkin to for two years, there he came. He looks very good. His smile. Can't even describe it. We drank, watched movies and went out to eat. It felt like we had met already. We talked a lot, and I like that. He is not like other guys. He is mature and confident. These two days were good. But I never realized how good they were until the day I'd fly home. It sucked. I looked at him when I woke up the last day. He's real and he's there. It stung a little. I didnt want to go home. Don't know why. I didnt want to feel anything. If you should put it that way. But I did .. So far apart. Could not stop thinking about it when I sat on the plane home. Somehow it feels like youre worth the wait. Like 554.2 miles aint nothing. So many thoughts at once. It's annoying.

Elin Eriksson säger:

SV: Härligt! Jag ska snart iväg till skolan, sjdå? :) Fint hår!

2012-05-22 | 07:42:14
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Kassy - En tjej med stil säger:

Fint inlägg, låter som om du hade det väldigt trevligt i alla fall

Fast mycket känslor

Allt är bra med mig, hur är det själv? :)

Vädret här är toppen, varmt och skönt

2012-05-22 | 15:45:28
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Alice - Bilderbyalice säger:

sv: kanske träna, ska du hitta på ikväll?

2012-05-22 | 16:12:21
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Linda säger:

Kul att du hade en bra tid där iaf =) fin bild!

Sv: Great ;) Jamen det låter bra =)


2012-05-22 | 18:21:15
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BATTS säger:

sv aw okej :))

bir du i egen lägenhet? :)

2012-05-22 | 18:41:23
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Anonym säger:


2012-05-26 | 02:56:06
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Angelica, mitt liv i New York säger:

Tack så mycket! =)

Åh så glad för dig att det gick bra, verkade som du hade en underbar stockholmsresa! ^^


2012-05-28 | 08:00:36
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Angelica, mitt liv i New York säger:

Tack så mycket!! ^^

Aha är ni bara vänner då? Trodde ni var mer? :)

Men kul att han ska komma ner och hälsa på dig också :D


2012-05-29 | 23:00:31
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